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Jungheinrich introduces POWERLiNE lithium-ion trucks to market

Jungheinrich UK today announced a brand new state of the art forklift truck line named POWERliNE. Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery, the trucks are much more compact and agile, which makes them particularly suitable for use in narrow aisles and goods throughput applications. With their impressive acceleration and lift speed, the trucks, which are now up to 30 centimetres shorter, achieve an increase in area productivity of 4% and thus set new standards in terms of handling capacity and goods throughput.

With high exterior walls made of steel and many other safety features, Jungheinrich’s POWERLiNE trucks offer optimal protection for the operator. By eliminating the need to replace the integrated battery, potential injuries and breakdowns among warehouse staff are significantly reduced. Additionally, the new range provides operators with an ergonomically structured workplace, cushioned equipment, maximum freedom of movement and optimum ease of use.

Due to Jungheinrich’s lithium-ion trucks’ high energy efficiency, warehouses will reduce daily energy consumption by 20%, and thereby costs, compared to lead-acid alternatives. In addition, warehouses will also reduce CO2 emissions. In order to remain CO2-neutral right up until delivery of the POWERLiNE trucks, Jungheinrich works tirelessly to reduce energy consumption throughout the entire production process, mainly using sustainable energy sources such as our own photovoltaic systems.

Phil Pearson, Sales Management Director at Jungheinrich comments, “Jungheinrich has again set an industry standard with its POWERLiNE truck through integrating a lithium-ion battery, allowing warehouses to be taken to new heights in terms of agility, comfort, security, and most importantly, efficiency while dramatically increasing the productivity of their warehouses.

“The result for our customers is more agile vehicles that can fit in small areas meaning their employees are able to work with greater safety and comfort in totally new conditions, all while relying on a CO2-neutral footprint until delivery.”

For more information about Jungheinrich’s POWERLiNE range, please visit: https://www.jungheinrich.co.uk/your-solutions/lithium-ion-technology/lithium-ion-trucks