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Norbev Drinks in Digital Benefits with Inforlogic & Infor CloudSuite Industrial

Inforlogic today announced that leading Northern Ireland-based soft drinks manufacturer, Norbev, has selected Infor CloudSuite Industrial. The platform will support an organisation-wide digital transformation strategy at the beverage leader, bringing modern, cloud-based ERP capabilities from which to extend process automation and capitalise on both business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Having outgrown its previous Sage 1000 system, Norbev undertook a detailed evaluation of all major mid-market ERP vendors. Most could replicate the standard back-office functions that Sage 1000 supported. However, only Infor could offer deep, last-mile, manufacturing capability, coupled with an innovative cloud technology platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to scale and meet their digital transformation requirements.

Once live, Infor CloudSuite Industrial will eliminate manual processes and streamline all core business processes for Norbev, from Financial Management through to Scheduling, Quality Control, Plant Maintenance, and Document Management.

To support consistency and collaboration, Infor’s University, an online learning platform, combined with Process Intelligence, will allow Norbev to standardise business processes. Through having a world-class ERP platform that represents a digital set of standard operating procedures, the team not only ensures that all knowledge is retained within the business to reduce risk, but that they have a robust and scalable platform from which to embrace future growth and build market share with confidence.

“Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s intelligent reporting and analytics converge with dedicated manufacturing functionality to provide capabilities which will help us to capitalise on opportunities in a more agile way,” comments Thomas Wilson, Senior Finance Manager at Norbev. “But crucially, and the criteria from which we felt Infor scored way beyond its competitors, was its data lake and API-led composable architecture, which will allow us to innovate, embrace powerful BI and AI capabilities, and scale to support our digital transformation journey into the future.”

“The beverage industry continues to navigate a complex environment centred around unstable supply chains, sustainability targets, and the convergence of cost/health drivers in consumer purchasing patterns,” comments Chris Stock, Managing Director, Inforlogic. “In order to pursue sustainable growth, manufacturers are embracing digital as a lever for increased efficiency, automation, and performance, and world-class platforms such as Infor CloudSuite Industrial represent a means of expediting this shift.

“Our team’s in-depth experience of cloud-led ERP deployments and manufacturing environments ensures that they can support our customers in the best way as they navigate their transformational journeys, drive innovation, and gain market share in their respective industries.”