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One Network Enterprises Delivers Product and Service Enhancements to Its Supply Chain Business Network for the Logistics Industry

One Network Enterprises, a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN™) powered by NEO intelligent agents for the Logistics Industry. This release continues to enhance the customer-driven, real-time business network that brings unprecedented resiliency, efficiencies, and shared business benefits to the entire logistics network of shippers, 3PL’s, carriers, and service providers.

“In the logistics industry, the vast majority of late loads happen simply because they are shipped late. These can have enormous impacts on costs, revenues, and customer service. Actual in-transit carrier failures are far less common,” said Johann Van Der Westhuizen, VP of Strategic Business Development, One Network. “Those late shipments can be avoided through better planning and demand forecasting, clear communication, real-time visibility, structured problem management, and eliminating human error. The new release delivers just this – and that’s why the world’s largest names in Logistics are turning to One Network.”

Transportation is the physical movement of supply to demand. If the transportation system is not integrated with the inbound supply or outbound fulfillment processes, then it becomes just another disconnected information silo. One Network eliminates silos as it optimizes, automates, and tracks execution of the entire inbound and outbound logistics lifecycle, from order to delivery, on a global network with thousands of transportation providers across every mode.

One Network’s logistics customers, including the world’s top 3PL’s, are rapidly achieving accurate real-time information, optimization, and collaboration across a diverse set of trading partners and their systems. With One Network’s enhanced Logistics Control Tower (PDF), companies can streamline and centralize transportation and appointment scheduling functions to drive on-time performance, improve supply chain visibility and predictability, and reduce overall transportation costs. Key financial benefits include:


  • 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs
  • 10-40% reduction in overall transportation costs
  • 2-10% increase in equipment utilization
  • 10-30% inventory reduction for operating companies
  • 12-50% reduction in manual planning, scheduling and execution management overhead
  • 3-8% improvement in inbound delivery performance and outbound customer service levels


The new release also includes enhancements to NEO, One Network’s proprietary machine learning and intelligent agent technology that enables autonomous supply chain management. With NEO and One Network’s Logistics Control Tower, Network participants leverage real-time data shared across all functional areas and every supply chain participant for a single version of the truth. The platform’s unified network-based architecture plays a fundamental role in the success of this mission-critical technology with customers.

In addition to streamlined workflows and numerous UI enhancements, the release incorporates additional API’s that extend its logistics integration capabilities and adds configurable data quality scanning tools. Other new features for the Logistics Industry include:

Real-time, End-To-End Logistics Visibility and Advanced Carrier Collaboration integrates and harmonizes data across carriers, shippers, and third-party tracking solution providers. To support real-time visibility, the Global Logistics Gateway now provides:

  • A standardized Carrier API for rate quote exchange, tender collaboration, and appointment scheduling, tracking event geo-location updates that facilitate easier and faster carrier connectivity.
  • A direct interface to telematics-based solution providers that use real-time ELD and GPS vehicle tracking to track location of movements, using NEO intelligent agents to predict ETAs linked to shipments and orders.
  • A single interface to carriers to respond to tenders, provide dynamic rates, automate freight bill and audit processes, and report events and exceptions that drive logistics activities in the Network.


Instant Rate Quoting via One Network’s Digital Freight Broker Network to provide instant pricing and transportation capacity for tens of thousands of lanes, enabling frictionless booking and billing within the One Network Control Tower.

Global Logistics Support for all domestic, intra and international modes of transportation services including truckload, less than truckload (LTL), intermodal freight including ocean, air, rail though standard or expedited and premium freight in a single solution.

Case Management enhances the One Network Alerting framework to capture the follow-up on a given exception and encapsulates reason codes, along with root cause analytics.

Carrier Profile Compliance extends rules-based Carrier selection for load tendering through compliance rules.

Collaborative Multi-Party Execution allows Network participants to collaborate on time-sensitive issues in real time. One Network’s Logistics Control Tower now streams data from a variety of sources to better detect trends, automate resolution of issues, and propose new policies and models to improve operational efficiencies.

Reporting and Analytics with a suite of pre-built reporting templates provide support for standard performance analysis on customers, lanes, carriers, and vendors (on-time and in-full), as well as exceptions. Cost, performance, compliance reports, and dashboards are also enhanced.