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One Nexus Group Celebrates 10 Years of Strategic Partnership with Kia UK

Today, One Nexus Group, a leading provider of technology solutions and services in the automotive industry, and Kia UK, one of the UK’s leading automakers, is celebrating 10-years of Kia Rental and the continuation of their partnership.

Kia Rental was first introduced at dealerships in June 2014 to provide convenient mobility for both retail and fleet/business customers. Kia partnered with One Nexus Group to develop the Kia Rental service and app to enhance the customer mobility journey.

Each of the participating Kia dealerships determine the makeup of their own individual rental fleet, with short holding periods and high preparation levels, the customer experience is similar to driving a new car. Customers can download the Kia Rental app or visit the Kia website to find their nearest Kia Rental location. Kia Rental offers customers access to rental vehicles in some areas that are not covered by traditional car rental services.

New customers can register within minutes using state-of-the-art secure in-app software. First time setup includes a real-time DVLA driver licence and identity check that uses facial recognition algorithms, the phone’s camera and a secure and encrypted connection to help prevent fraud. Once logged in, users can then select desired dates and search for available rental cars from their nearest Kia dealership.

Starting out with ten dealers in 2014, the programme is now due to support 30 dealer rental locations in the UK by the end of 2024. This also means that throughout the UK there are over 1,400 hundred vehicles in the fleet easily accessible to users thanks to the Kia Rental app developed by One Nexus. Considering the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate and the ban on internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035, as well as Net Zero goals by 2050, the service allows individuals, families, and businesses considering buying a fully electric vehicle the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and discover Kia’s award-winning electric cars.

Alan Glazier, Commercial Director at One Nexus said, “We’re thrilled to reach this monumental milestone with Kia UK. Our partnership over the last ten years has seen significant progress and innovation within the automotive sector. The Kia Rental app has made great strides in allowing customers to have a seamless car rental experience, and we look forward to supporting KIA UK for many more years to come!’

Michelle Prentice, Dealer Rental Programme Manager for Kia Rental, commented, “The programme has developed year-on-year and continues to grow, allowing a large proportion of the UK public yet another form of reliable and convenient mobility. With Kia’s growing EV range, this service also has the ability to further support consumers’ transition to electric, alongside Kia’s electric expert dealer network on hand when they’re ready to purchase.”

I am incredibly proud of our dealer rental network and their support, along with the new technology One Nexus has developed for us to streamline the rental process. Here’s to the next 10 years!”