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Siemens receives major order from Swiss Post

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) has received a major order for the Zürich-Mülligen mail sorting center. The contract with the Swiss Post encompasses the integration of a fully automated sorting system into the existing infrastructure and its commissioning, as well as the optimization of processes using innovative, digital solutions.

The boom in e-commerce is driving a sustained growth in parcel numbers worldwide, and this is presenting mail service providers – including the Swiss Post – with new challenges. Siemens enables the customer to process and sort the increasing number of smaller parcels in different shapes and weight groups. Additionally, innovative recognition software records all items as soon as they enter the hub, and continues to track them from there. In this way, even tiny parcels with barely legible labels are sorted reliably and without additional effort.

“We’re supporting the Swiss Post to respond rapidly and in a targeted manner to the latest market developments,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics. “In intensive workshops, we’ve jointly developed customer-specific solutions, using 3D simulations to lay the foundation for optimum project implementation.”

“We’re looking forward to continuing our collaborative partnership with Siemens,” added Ulrich Hurni, CEO at the Swiss Post. “These powerful new features allow us to cope with the volumes and the greater bandwidth of consignment formats while further increasing our flexibility and efficiency.”

The extensive range of conveying and sorting technology includes the compact Visicon Capella and the VarioRoute. The Visicon Capella makes optimum use of the most confined space, ensuring that small and light parcels in particular are singulated reliably. The VarioRoute splits the parcels into different streams and feeds them to the sorters. In this way, parcels weighing between 50 grams and 9 kilograms undergo flexible, fully automated processing.

The new project represents a continuation of Siemens’ successful partnership with the Swiss Post. In 2008, as part of the REMA project (Reengineering Mail Processing), three mail sorting centers, including Zürich-Mülligen, were equipped with state-of-the art Siemens sorting systems and fully integrated software solutions. The new order will see these machines and the associated complex system infrastructure extended
significantly and adapted to meet the new challenges. The high level of automation of the new system and the super-efficient Siemens software solutions will enable all item formats to be recognized, processed and sorted even more rapidly and reliably in the future.