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Supercharging the sales process: How Cognism transformed lead generation for Localz

Localz is setting new standards with smart location-based solutions that make the day of service Awesome. We are committed to transforming the way businesses manage their day of service communications and notifications. Localz was founded in Melbourne 2013 and now has offices in London and Los Angeles. Their growing global client base include the RAC, DPD, Autoglass who use the ‘on-my-way’ solution to provide real-time transparency, simplicity and control of the experience to their customers.

Getting to grips with GDPR

A growing organisation needs a growing client base to match. With a unique offering, Localz was confident of who its target audience was, but retrieving contact details of the best person to approach, along with the right message, at the right time, in a GDPR-compliant manner, was a new challenge the company faced. Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director, Localz, explains: “The introduction of GDPR meant that we were struggling with what data we could use – who could we legally market to, and how could we get their contact information? We met Cognism through a GDPR seminar, as some of the other start-up organisations in our portfolio were using the platform. It seemed like the ideal solution for us to ensure we were staying on the right side of GDPR.”

Within a few days of onboarding Localz, Cognism was able to identify several thousands of contacts within their target audience using Cognism Prospector. The number one solution for B2B salespeople looking to improve their data quality and generate better quality leads. As Louise explains, a key part of the marketing and sales strategy is to attend and exhibit at key industry events, but this data had previously only gone so far. “Typically, event hosts will only send out delegate lists with limited data points. Cognism has allowed us to integrate that data into our lists so that we can target and email the different personas attracted to these events. As a result of the data Cognism gave us, we were able to schedule three meetings before the show itself, which has provided real value for us.”

From stale to sale

In addition to finding the correct contacts to target, Localz was also challenged with ensuring their data remained up to date and relevant. Louise explains: “One of the key difficulties you have in marketing is when a key contact, such as the CTO, moves jobs and you lose the connection. We need to be able to find new opportunities and be confident that the messages are being targeted to the right people, at the right time. Having quality data is essential to the success of this.”

Whilst Localz had initially been using Cognism Prospector, the team also soon began using Cognism Refresh to detect which records had gone out of date. The Revenue AI technology enriches stale B2B data, filling in any missing gaps in the records and providing valuable, actionable information and therefore increasing the chances of sales success.

This has certainly been the case for Localz, who have witnessed reduced bounce rates and higher engagement rates as a result of using better quality, up-to-date data. Louise continues: “I have fantastic feedback from our Customer Success team, they are able to track and monitor our sales leads using Cognism Refresh. Sales strikes are a major part of our sales strategy, running campaigns, with an event or webinar as the pivotal piece to attract new customers. Cognism Refresh has allowed us to take the companies attending the event and populate our data with the right job titles and contact information for each company. We provide an enterprise solution, it’s important that we’re targeting the right sized companies. The ability to see the revenue size of the company from the data is a huge bonus for us.”

Global benefits

Cognism’s platform has proven to bring numerous benefits not just to sales and marketing function at Localz, but to its global Customer Success team too.
Rafiul Hassan, Customer Success Manager, Cognism, adds: “The relationship between Cognism and Localz is fantastic. In order to guarantee we are continuously driving success, we have weekly calls and regular meetups to ensure they are getting the most out of our platforms. This allows us to maintain strong relationships with our customers, as we work alongside them at every stage of their growth. The challenges Localz faced are the challenges that many organisations meet as they grow their sales funnels. We are so thrilled to have been able to work with Localz to make their data revenue-ready and help to drive the business into the future.”