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Touchpath Launches One-Stop Manufacturing Management System

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching ‘TouchManufacturer’, a fully integrated, lean manufacturing management system that can be implemented rapidly and at lower cost by both discrete and process manufacturers. TouchManufacturer uses smart TouchPath technology to manage the manufacturing process and measure its performance for each user, increasing productivity by up to 30% say TouchPath.

TouchManufacturer captures data in a timely and accurate manner for all stages of the manufacturing process. Its inventory control, warehouse performance system tracks raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and shipments in real time and increases visibility throughout the order fulfilment cycle, improving shipping performance and reducing paperwork, inventory/picking errors, transport and administrative costs.

TouchManufacturer’s manufacturing execution system records and displays machine control and other shop floor data accurately and in real time, continuously monitoring production status to enable leaner manufacturing, at lower cost and with less waste. And its advanced, open-industry-standard communications makes shop floor machine data available to manufacturing requirements planning systems, in real time.

“This system captures more information for better manufacturing performance and a faster return on investment” says TouchPath International CEO David Myers. “Our technology enables greater connectivity across manufacturing, ensuring that any and all process improvements benefit the entire enterprise and impact the company’s bottom line.”