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UK to host first Global AI Summit – Beware of regulation monopolisation

With the UK government inviting leading executives from the likes of Google’s DeepMind, OpenAI and Microsoft to its AI summit in November, Big Tech is once again cementing its place at the forefront of the global AI conversation.

But, we must face a reality: this cohort represents a collection of industry leaders with a significant resource advantage that will all be approaching the summit with a good deal of self-interest. In order to be truly successful Sunak’s Summit should – and must – focus on advancing AI itself. By only inviting the ‘big players’ in the space, it will risk monopolisation, especially in areas such as regulation.

As such, it will be vital for the government to ensure that the voices of all those in AI are captured at the Summit. Indeed, the AI conversation should be a global and inclusive effort. It is only then that Sunak will achieve his ambition for the UK to become an AI powerhouse.