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Command Alkon ELEVATE Concludes With Delighted Customers Ready to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

Command Alkon, the global leader in integrated supply chain technology solutions for the Heavy Building Materials industry, is pleased to announce that their annual ELEVATE Conference was enthusiastically attended by leaders across the construction industry, from contractors through to material suppliers and haulers. The media, thought leaders from supply chain, and software and technology analysts were also in attendance. The event left guests with key insights into making successful digital transformation journeys for their businesses, delivering value to them and across the industry’s community of trading partners.

“We were all-in on making ELEVATE a high quality, high impact, and high value event for everyone involved,” said Ed Rusch, Vice President of Marketing at Command Alkon. “Mobilizers looking to create a digital movement across the industry came to be informed on innovative solutions, learn evolving best practices from peers, and anticipate challenges as new methodologies or practices surface. The heightened undercurrent from attendees who were there to learn, grow, and adapt was truly amazing.” 

Content from ELEVATE is now available on Mastery by Command Alkon, including keynote sessions from various thought leaders and company executives.

ELEVATE Keynote Session 1:

  • Seth Mattison – Luminate Labs – Presented the construction industry being in a character defining moment, with the two competing forces of hierarchy and network at play. Seth proposes that these forces will define the future of work. Anticipating and adapting to these changes will take people to the next level of success.
  • Phil Ramsey, Emily Branum, Steve Cox and Craig Tate – Command Alkon Executive Team Members – Shared the company’s ambitions for digital collaboration in construction at the jobsite. The style of the presentation was intentionally different. In their unique way, they propose that new productivity gains will unlock tremendous value.


ELEVATE Keynote Session 2:

  • Anne Ellis – Ellis Global – Introduced the realities of disruptive technologies which are and will be affecting the industry. Anne expresses urgency for businesses to transform now, as 52 percent of Fortune 500 firms since 2000 are now gone – either from bankruptcy, acquisition or digital disruption.


ELEVATE Keynote Session 3:

  • Anthony Bourke – Mach 2 Consulting – Overlapped his military experience with the business environment, suggesting that feedback loops of regular briefings and debriefings should take place within every company. Better alignment, collaboration, and real-time feedback are key outcomes.


Nearly forty companies exhibited and sponsored the conference. There was something for everyone at ELEVATE 2018 – including hundreds of break-out sessions ranging from product roadmaps, panels that addressed industry issues, “Pros that Know” advice sessions, and Solutions Labs with software and technology experts.

Announced during the conference at the ELEVATE Awards Ceremony, The Sheraton Grand Chicago will house ELEVATE 2019.