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FireMon Sets a New Standard for Security Process Automation to Drive Revenue and Lower Network Security Risk

FireMon sets the stage to help customers now achieve what they thought was not possible. FireMon announces a new approach to security process automation designed to take the traditional market for Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) solutions to the next level.

As innovation drives business revenue, security leaders are often forced to choose between secure practices and enabling innovation, despite the potential risk. FireMon rejects the tradeoff between business priorities and protecting the organisation. Customers should be able to innovate in a secure manner without sacrificing either variable.

“Business leaders are charged with protecting the brands they represent and driving revenue. In today’s environment, protecting customer information is just as important,” said FireMon President and CEO, Satin H. Mirchandani. “Today, FireMon places security in the innovation driver’s seat. With FireMon, enterprises can be confident that they can reduce security risk and achieve business agility. Just as FireMon set the standard for network security policy management in its infancy, with this fundamental change in how enterprises apply automation, we are set to help enterprises overcome the challenges they face today and into the future.”

FireMon is doing things differently.

FireMon offers two complementary approaches to enterprise security automation that map to the breadth and complexity of the network environment, while offering a path to reduce the cost of security operations and compliance. One concept represents brute force driven by workflow that is best applied to exception management. The other concept is security automation driven by standard processes, templatized security and golden rules. Both are necessary, since exceptions will always exist, and standards should be automated to the greatest extent possible.

The adoption of cloud, micro-segmentation and virtual platforms, plus demand from DevOps, are coming of age and creating powerful efficiencies. These changes will increase activity levels to a point that enterprises will be driven towards full automation but will always need a workflow-based approach for exception management. Therefore, a complete security automation solution needs to include both approaches.

FireMon is the only leading policy management construct to automation that enterprise security teams can adopt to address the most pressing business needs, including:


  • The ability to keep up with the dynamic demands of their agile/DevOps customers;
  • Reducing errors by standardising more areas of their security; and
  • Making the security change process is more efficient by standardising workflows, saving OpEx by decreasing manual touch and reducing the bottlenecks of traditional change processes.


Only FireMon delivers a multi-path approach to security process automation in FireMon Automation, the single policy management platform that closes the gap between business and security to lower network security risk.