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How to keep shelves full when supply chain disruption is the new business standard

Supply chain disruption is day-to-day business now. Climate change and Brexit continue to burden businesses and consumers alike. Organisations need solutions that will be scalable as these issues develop and supply shortages become commonplace.

To mitigate the latest fruit and vegetable shortages in the UK, supermarkets must ramp up their approach to deliver stability to customers. Retailers need a holistic view of operations to help them respond quickly to supply volatility.

Establishing good relationships with suppliers can equip businesses with fast and cost-effective responses to unforeseen disruption, helping them meet the needs of consumers today.

Reversing the negative impact of climate change upon companies and their loyal customers requires organisations to deeply fuse sustainability, financial and supply chain planning. In the meantime, intelligent and flexible planning is our best bet to tackle the immediate impacts of shortages.