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Manhattan Associates Celebrates Best Sustainability Initiative Win at the 2024 EMEA VIP Awards

Manhattan Associates today announced that it has been named winner of the VIP Awards’ Best Sustainability Initiative category for 2024. Selected from a competitive group of nominees, Manhattan Active® Supply Chain technology was chosen because of its ability to enable organisations to make more environmentally conscious decisions across a variety of supply chain and retail functions.

Manhattan empowers retailers to excel in customer experience and profitability while providing them with the functionality and innovation required to uphold environmental and sustainability standards.

By providing end-to-end visibility and control, Manhattan’s solutions enable retailers to optimise operations for speed, profitability, and crucially, sustainability. This includes everything from leveraging advanced Transportation Management Systems to reduce miles travelled and emissions; implementing intelligent algorithms that minimise packaging waste, to applying smarter Order Management Systems that reduce unnecessary deliveries and returns.

“Sustainability is a powerful value proposition to conscientious business leaders and consumers. Clearly, the judges saw a compelling story in Manhattan’s use of their technologies to demonstrate the positive impact on the broader community,” commented Vicki Cantrell, founder and CEO of Vendors in Partnership.

“We are delighted to win the Best Sustainability Initiative at the 2024 EMEA VIP Awards,” said Henri Seroux, senior vice president, EMEA at Manhattan Associates. “Our solutions enable retailers to streamline operations and distribution, which minimises their environmental impact without compromising efficiency. This award is not only recognition of our mission to make supply chains more sustainable, but testament to the fact that Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions actually deliver on this promise too,” Seroux finished.

The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards are an industry celebration of the solution providers that power the retail ecosystem. The aim of the awards is to acknowledge service to the retail industry by recognising and celebrating a willingness to transform from within, and to create deep, long-term partnerships, as well as great solutions.

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