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One Nexus’ Pledge to Elevate Customer Service Excellence – A Year in Review

In the dynamic world of the automotive industry, prioritising good customer service remains paramount for businesses. Recognising this, One Nexus embarked on a journey to elevate its customer experiences by implementing a strategic combination of partnerships and innovative solutions to streamline its business operations.

Alan Glazier explains the transformative initiatives undertaken by the company in its pursuit of customer service excellence over the past year.


Implementing Humley’s AI-Driven Solution

One Nexus began working with Humley, a company specialising in AI chatbot technology, in February 2023 to help deliver a world-class customer experience. Humley provides One Nexus with AI capabilities that enhance the Driver qualification process in the delivery of courtesy vehicle provision to customers of Vehicle Manufacturers. This includes an intuitive AI virtual assistant that allows the customer to ask any question throughout the qualification process. Additionally, Humley’s AI streamlines the qualification process by enabling customers to engage with and complete the insurance questionnaire via smartphone, conveniently in their own time, before submitting it to One Nexus. Once the customer finishes the process, the AI automatically informs the One Nexus Team of completion whilst attaching the results to the customer booking for onward processing.

Implementing this AI-driven solution has proven highly successful, resulting in significant time savings and increased efficiency within One Nexus’s Call Centres. One Nexus’ data shows that bookings can now be made 80% faster than before, significantly improving the overall customer experience and enabling One Nexus’ customers to complete the qualification quickly and conveniently.


Making the Move to Cloud Servers

One Nexus recently migrated to Cloud Servers in a bid to host client websites and provide data to the websites for our Asia Pacific customers. Following a successful testing phase, which spanned six weeks, both Nexus IT and Nexus Aftermarket completed the migration of Ford Australia and Ford New Zealand to a cloud-based server infrastructure.

The main benefit of moving to a Cloud server lies in the fact that response times from local servers have been significantly improved. Clients also gain a much faster user experience when using the Trade Club web applications and the ability to easily scale the environment to support new clients and the increased growth of existing clients. Because of the migration to the cloud, One Nexus has not only achieved heightened stability and increased security but also enabled the ability to be more responsive to customers around the world.


Coming Face to Face With App Technology 

Here at One Nexus, we pride ourselves on being ‘enablers of systems’. This is why we are committed to pioneering solutions that not only elevate industry standards but also address the pressing challenges posed by evolving technology trends in the automotive landscape. For example, we recently developed​​ facial recognition technology that supports a range of leading UK manufacturers in identifying customers in the onboarding process when looking to rent a car.

So, as well as booking online or by calling or visiting a dealership, customers can use the dedicated apps – available for Apple and Android mobile phones. These apps allow customers to view, book and manage rentals, as well as sign digital rental agreements – all with the reassurance that they’ll hire the exact vehicle they choose to drive. One Nexus’s new technology helps to create a frictionless journey, allowing customers to register within minutes using state-of-the-art secure in-app software.

First time setup includes a real-time DVLA driver licence and identity check that uses One Nexus’ facial recognition algorithms, the phone’s camera and a secure and encrypted connection to help prevent fraud. Customers simply need to turn up, pay for their booking and be handed the keys by dedicated Hire Car staff, saving precious time and allowing them to be on the way as quickly as possible. Returning the car is as easy as parking it where it was collected from. Upon return, customers can even use the app to take photos of the car and note fuel and mileage before handing the keys back.



A year on, it’s clear that One Nexus has made solid progress in its bid to enhance its customer service. Combining collaborative ventures, technological advancements, and forward-thinking solutions, One Nexus is poised to set new benchmarks in customer service excellence within the automotive industry. And, with 2024 now in full swing, the team will continue to strive and evolve, leading the way in successful customer service.