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Paragon Software Systems co-founder and director Charles Nockold will retire this year after nearly 35 years working for the routing and scheduling software specialist. He joined the Paragon team in 1984 when it was part of PA Consulting Group and then played a key role in the management buy-out and subsequent growth of the business.

“I am proud to have played a part in establishing Paragon as a market-leader in the UK and expanding the business internationally to more than 60 countries,” commented Charles Nockold. “The transport sector has changed beyond recognition during the last 30 years, with the role of planning becoming far more sophisticated and absolutely central to the wider supply chain operations for many of our customers.  What has remained the same is the importance of going the extra mile for customers. This has helped us to create a highly-successful company that has always kept pace with the rapid rate of development within the industry.”

Charles was originally hired as part of the development team and was involved in the programming of some of Paragon’s early planning algorithms as well as providing technical support to customers. He then moved into sales and went on to hold some of the most senior management roles within the business covering sales, marketing, legal, partnerships and strategic responsibilities.

During his time at Paragon, Charles has contributed to a host of major developments and industry firsts for the transport sector. These have included the launch of the first home delivery planning tool that utilised precise geocoding of raw address data, which made the company a pioneer within this emerging marketplace. He also recognised the growing importance of connectivity within transport planning, initiating Paragon’s first telematics partnership. Today Paragon’s routing and scheduling software can interface with more than forty different vehicle tracking systems worldwide.

”I will take a lot of satisfaction from having been one of the people who started this journey for the Paragon business back in 1991. It is amazing to see how far Paragon has come since we began, and with its great team, superb products and impressive list of clients, the company is well placed for continued success. Our guiding principles were always to look after our clients, focus on what we are good at and be fair to staff. These core values are still fundamental to our business culture today,” added Charles.

William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems commented: “Charles has made a tremendous contribution to Paragon’s business having been involved in development, sales, marketing and partnerships over the last 30 years. From a small team of less than 10 people, he has seen the company grow to over 100 employees supporting systems in more than 60 countries. His experience, passion and dedication have been invaluable to this success and I have personally learnt a huge amount from him.”

Charles will continue to work with Paragon on a part-time consultancy basis to ensure a seamless transition and provide valuable guidance to the business going forward.