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Efficio’s 2023 issue of The Source, a digital magazine containing expert advice for the C-Suite

Efficio, the world’s largest procurement and supply chain consultancy, has launched this year’s edition of The Source, a digital magazine showcasing insights and expertise in procurement and supply chain management.

Over the past three years, the global economy and supply chains have faced significant disruptions, forcing business leaders to rethink both how they run their businesses and with whom they conduct business. In response to this, Efficio has launched its 10th issue of The Source to help the C-Suite tackle current procurement and supply chain challenges.

The 2023 edition of The Source offers valuable content, designed to bolster strategic decision-makers to ensure they are well-informed about the most recent industry trends and optimal practices in procurement and supply chain.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), more than 7 in 10 (72%) businesses in the UK have reported some form of concern for their business, with the top two reported to be energy prices (17%) and inflation of goods and services prices (16%). Additionally, 52% of procurement leaders have seen their procurement headcount decrease significantly over the past two years, with 70% of procurement functions facing greater expectations to deliver results on sustainability, diversity, or innovation compared to 12 months ago. The challenge for many organisations is doing more with less.

The Source is a resource for businesses across all sectors to learn about how procurement and supply chain play a vital role in navigating challenges posed by current turbulent times, while also identifying cost-saving opportunities. This year’s edition helps C-suite and procurement and supply chain teams alike to enhance resilience by diversifying supplier bases, implementing risk management strategies, and creating contingency plans to help mitigate disruptions caused by supply chain breakdowns and ensure a more reliable flow of goods and services.

This year’s edition explores five key themes: supply chain management, sustainability and ESG, procurement excellence, cost optimisation, and capability & capacity. It also features interviews with industry players, case studies, and insights across a range of industry sectors, helping businesses to understand how to deliver optimum value … and how to do more with less.