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Avetta Wins Two Stevie® Awards for Supply Chain ESG & Sustainability

Avetta® has been awarded a Gold Stevie® Award in the Supply Chain Management Solution category in the American Business Awards® and a Silver Stevie® Award in the Compliance Solution category in the International Business Awards®.

Judges lauded Avetta for recognizing “the urgent need for companies to obtain greater supply chain transparency.”

Global ESG regulations have increased 155% within the last decade. There are multiple ESG frameworks and regulations which vary by jurisdiction and the evolving global landscape. Companies have set aggressive ESG and sustainability goals, but have yet to deliver.

“ESG success starts with how companies engage suppliers, contractors and vendors,” said Katie Martin, Avetta’s Sustainability & ESG Risk Advisor. “Many ESG management platforms attempt to cover every standard, which leads to suppliers being overwhelmed with hundreds of questions during the due diligence process.”

Avetta’s patent-pending automation tailors due diligence requirements to every supplier’s service industry, size and geo-location. Companies can assess suppliers against multiple, globally adopted ESG frameworks and United Nations Global Codes of Conduct; and build customized sustainability scores to align with their ESG strategy. Stevie judges recognized the capabilities as ‘impressive.’

“Most suppliers don’t have ESG experts on staff to explain these complex regulations,” said Martin. “Avetta helps companies generate supplier buy-in through robust support and business value.”

Avetta’s platform includes:

  • Easy-to-use self-evaluation forms suppliers can complete in 15 minutes or less.
  • Free access to Green House Gas emission calculators, carbon offsets and data-driven tips to improve ESG scores and performance.
  • Supplier training, education and webinars; including on-demand translation support for over 250 languages.

Avetta’s platform capabilities and robust supplier support infrastructure enables companies to benchmark and improve ESG performance throughout 100% of the supply chain.